Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Don't Go!! Missing Ye Already...............

We are very sad that our lovely friends are leaving to set up home way away across the water..........how could they do this to us!! Well we had some tricks up our sleeves - didn't we girls.  We thought if we threw them this fabulous party they would just see how much we all love them and they just wouldn't have the heart to leave us all behind. Did it work..................

The 8x8 inch card for our friends
A close up of the card I made for them.
We will miss them but we hope that all will work out for them in their new home.  Here is the wonderful cake the Brownie Lady made aka Veronica!! 

My very first CAKE Banner!!

Some handmade flowers with glitter as Bev is fond of her sparkles!!

Veronica's amazing CAKE!!

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