Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Good morning all, the sun is shining here cheering us up a bit, but the weather forecast is keeping it real for us!! More storms on the way, so enjoy the sun while you can, I suppose that depends on where you are!! Whats it like where you are?

Here's a project I did a while ago for a good friend of mine.  Can you guess her favourite animal I wonder?? I thought of it as it had yellow like Sunshine and the happy dance I was doing this morning when I saw the sun. Its a Journal I made her as a little gift when she came to visit. I wonder how she is getting on with it, maybe she'll let us know!! Here it is gift wrapped.....

Gift Wrapped!!

And here it is unwrapped!! :)

Sarah's Journal

Of course her favourite animal is a Hippo, I totally forgot I told you with the heading!!  Hope your having a good day. TTFN xx

I have some pre-made Journals for sale if you'd like to take a look, I'm uploading photos as we speak to the Shop tab at the top, thanks for stopping by!! ;)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Ski in..........Ski out!!

Well the brownies are well and truly gone and I've been to Italy and back since I blogged last!! Hope your all coping with the lovely weather we've been having here - we have floods all around!!

We had a lovely meal out for our Anniversary to McCleary's Restaurant in Waterford, they really look after you there - food was delicious!! My husband made me a card and you know what I LOVE IT!! He's so funny! Tell me what ye think yerselves.

Aw he really does love me after all these years!! I gave him his card when we went out for our meal and he stood it up on a ledge by our table, ha ha.......reminded me of Mr. Bean on his birthday!!

Strooby Baby

See......I've been way too busy to Blog!  Hee hee