Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back to school....

Hey everyone, yes I'm still alive.... I can't believe its been that long.  When I look at the date of the last post I suddenly realise why...."School Holidays".  Its been a very busy holiday alright and now its back to routine and actually getting things done. Hope all your little ones have enjoyed heading back to school and routine. (Mammys probably enjoy it more!!)  I know some are a bit shy or nervous starting school and some of my friends kids starting secondary school.  But by the sounds of it settling in grand. 

Here's a card I finished recently, with a gorgeous "Bella" on the front. :)

#894 on my Facebook Page - Marianne's Handmade Cards

#894 on my Facebook Page - Marianne's Handmade Cards


  1. Welcome back Marianne! Hope you had a terrific summer. Absolutely beautiful card, Bella looks gorgeous. Enjoy your weekend. Nicola x

    1. Thanks Nicola, replied below - keep forgetting to click on the reply!! Ooops. :D

  2. Aw thanks Nicola, we had a fab summer, the weather really helped. Hope you had a great one too!! Xx


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