Friday, January 17, 2014

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Wot am I like...........

Well a young friend (12yrs old) of mine gave me a "Happy Anniversary" beautiful handmade card on Wednesday and said sorry its late!
From Chi Chi
I was confused and said your actually she was surprised too but never said why she thought it was late.  Anyway the story goes on.......I was here you all know and a knock comes to the I did trot to find a good friend a little bit older than the first with another gorgeous handmade card from her daughter and some delish homemade brownies (shes actually famous for her brownies), also apologising for a belated gift!!
From Jaz
I thought this is starting to become a habit and the brownies are FAMOUS remember - should I tell her its not my Anniversary?? Well I thought honesty is the best policy and of course I was delighted when she said I could still have the brownies anyway.......woo hoo.....BONUS!!

There were more but I couldn't wait to take a photo!!

What actually happened.........

I can't believe I did this, I had to go and check my messages to see what I had really texted......but my older brownie famous friend had texted a couple of weeks ago and said she had changed her phone and lost dates etc and asked when my Anniversary was..........I texted back  (and I DID cos remember I checked - shame)  Dec 31st..........NOT my Anniversary!!

So now I'll be waiting on the actual anniversary date for a knock at the door...........

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Working from home...........

Hey all, happy Thursday............working from home has its perks but as I was just saying to a friend its nice to get out of the house sometimes! Its a happy day for me (doin me happy dance here) as I have finally got the end of year accounts done for our business. My happy dance is not long lived as I see that accounts have to start again for 2014...........WHY Oh WHY?? ............... Well just because, thats life and thats how I can keep crafting! Heh heh.   Lots of pics for you today.

Here is some of that crafty craftiness in a Box Frame I did a short while ago..........

Working out what goodies I'm going to use.
Ribbons, paper and mount.

Paper cut to size and inked.  Adding lace and ribbon.
More ribbon and crinkle ribbon embellished with a metal leaf.
Close up of my work so far!

Working on the centre piece.

Placing everything to see how it looks!
Looking good glue it down!!

Piece Framed
Framed piece with printed card to match!! All finished. :)

Monday, January 13, 2014

How long does it take to make a card.........

Hi everyone, hope your Monday got off to a good start.  Mine always has a mixture of things happening, so its starting 7 jobs and see how many get finished!! I started a card this morning, a personal one, not for me but FOR me to GIVE to a Friend.  Then the window cleaner called, they were next door and asked did I want my windows done, course that was great, now to rush round and clean up after breakfast and clear window sills so they can just come in and get their job done easily!! Had a quick cuppa with them and a catch up as they are not just my window cleaners but good friends. No biscuits or muffins with all having to lose a few lbs between us. :) So off they went to cheer up someone else's windows and left me to figure out where I was before they knocked. Oh yeah off to do more on my rings........accounts question!! Oooops thats one of the 7 jobs and I havent even turned on the PC.  So after I sort out the query on accounts I got back to my card and you'll be glad to hear I actually got it only took me from start to finish and jobs in between 3 1/2 hrs.......not bad goin for a Monday morning!!
Mini Chicken Wire Stencil
Misted over the stencil with Perfect Pearls
Cut out some butterflies with Tim Holtz die

Cut out some more butterflies!

The finished card!

A lovely scripture from Isaiah to lift a friend!

I edged the floral butterflies with distress ink and cut them apart and added some gems!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Learning to Blog....

Good morning all...........where to start......well I was given some great advice from a friend who will remain nameless (Naomi), that I should just waffle and make stuff and waffle about that.  I have loads to share with you all but I'm trying to get my head around this Blog thing and I would love to have it just the way I want it but thats proving very difficult because my brain is so small and there is tons of information out there and I will never retain it!!

I want lots of buttons at the top like I've seen on other blogs - like Home, Videos, Handmade Cards, Cards for Sale, etc. so you can go exactly where you want, but it might be a while before I get to all that.  In the meantime my baby has turned 11yrs old do I feel old..........still with a small brain!!

Ok, I'm gonna try n find my way around this bloggin thing and see what I can do with it!! Its been a while so even what I did know has dissapeared! :D

Tarrah for now. X